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Guitar Tab creation process

Good morning!

Recently purchased SP5 for iPad, and so far I’m quite happy with it. I just have a question concerning guitar tablature. 
I’m creating guitar charts and usually write them in standard music notation. For my students I occasionally set up a tablature underneath the staff and up to now the process of doing that is a pain in the ass. 

I would be extremely satisfied if I, first of all, wouldn’t have to run through this process of:

- quote -

”I selected one measure of the standard notation and guitar tab, which then brings up the "beam | edit | # b | Select Region | Delete" menu.  I selected "Select Region" which then brings up another menu of Cut, Copy, Paste, etc. and from there I selected "Select To End."  That brings up a third menu, and in this one, press the ">" symbol at the end to scroll to the right.  Then press "edit part/instrument groups."  This brings up another menu, where you can select "create Bracketed Group."  This brings up a dialog box entitled "Overlapping Existing Groups Found" with the option to either Overwrite Existing Group, or Append Sub-Bracket.  I chose "Overwrite Existing Group," and then when asked "Combine into single part?" I selected "yes."
I believe that links the standard notation to the Tablature staff.
Next, I used my stylus to draw a circle around the notes I had written in standard notation, pressed "select region" from the menu that appeared, and then selected "copy" from the next menu.  I did a long press on the tablature staff - fyi you have to do a long press but then lift the stylus off to get it to select a region and then get the menu to appear - and then pressed "paste."  The notes appeared with all the rests as well.  This also worked for multiple measures.“

.. but rather the standard staff being translated on the fly to the TAB as I’m writing with Hand. And secondly, be able to chose which fingering I use such as if I want to have the B played on an open string, 4th fret on the G-string or 9th fret on the D-string (maybe with a simple drop down menu or something more intuitive).

(I don’t know if that’s already possible and I just didn’t find an easier method. (I would be grateful for some hints on creating tab in an easier fashion.))

do you think that could be possible in version 6? I would be glad if I wouldn’t need to switch to “notion ios” since I really like SP5. 

Have a nice day. Peace.


  • @Twiesbert
    Thanks for sharing feedback. Most of the process you went over are being made easier for version 6, so we hope you'll look forward to it and check back with us again. You can also send an email to download 6.0 early via TestFlight install link. Improvements are being made one step at a time, and in the 6.0 release, you can mainly expect bug fixes and a slightly easier workflow for copy/paste. 
  • Thank you for your quick response. I’ll just wait for the official release, which is soon I hope. 
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