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Lyric and Textbox Bugs

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Lyric tool is constantly crashing the app anyone have a fix for this as well?


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    edited May 2020
    Thanks for reaching out. It is probably fixed in the v6 update, but let us know if it still occurs after updating, as it will be available soon. You can download the update now if want by emailing us.

    In any case, everyone be should aware of a major text issue in version 5 when using iOS 13 Dark Mode. The bug obscures most text elements in the score and UI, sometimes causing button labels, lyrics, and text boxes to disappear altogether. You can work around it (until a major update arrives in about a week) by turning it off in Home Screen > Settings as instructed here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT210332. This is the same bug described here and it is fixed in version 6.0

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