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Can’t import notes in real time

Writing notation in real time using the bass and guitar fretboards was probably the biggest selling point for me for SP, but in the last two versions (I’m a beta tester) this hasn’t worked, not on bass, guitar or piano. I press record and the bar goes red and the click starts, I touch the notes and hear them but they don’t get recorded. Am I doing something wrong?



  • edited April 2020
    Sorry to hear about that. We'll be looking into this next and would like to continue tracking this via email ([email protected]) as usual for all beta tests. As such you can look for a reply to your registered email soon.
  • I just noticed that when I touch the bar before recording it goes red but when I hit the record button the red bar goes back to white. Is this indicative of anything? I can’t believe that I’m the only one having this problem.
  • @guyfi
    This was definitely a major bug (with no workaround), but it was now fixed in a TestFlight update in review. Thanks for letting us know about it. 
  • How was this fixed? I’ve experienced the same thing, no help. How is this app getting worse with each update?
  • Anyone using the bass and guitar fretboards to input notes?
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