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Page Layout Options?

Is it possible to adjust the spacing between the top of the page and the title, and between the title and the top of the score without changing the scale of the score?
I’ve been looking for page layout options but so far have not found many options other than overall scale, which is not what I want.
Thanks, and really looking forward to V6!


  • edited April 2020

    You can't currently change where the title is positioned vertically but this feature will be considered. 
    However, you can adjust where the top of the score is. This is part of the customizable stave spacing features:
    - Tap on the top ledger line of the staff of the first part (preferably in Select mode). This can be on any bar as long as it's the first part of the page:


    - Doing so will reveal a square (as shown) that you can then drag vertically to reposition it relative to the top of the page. 
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