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when will the new version be available? wait 5 months and nothing else


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    Sorry about the delay. The update will be available in 1-2 weeks.

    If you or anyone else wishes to download the preview release of 6.0, you can send the original receipt of SP (that you received from Apple) to our support email and we'll send you the install link if the name matches.
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    I don’t say this to be negative, because I know how monumental a task producing an app like this is, but I would take the projected release date with a few grains of salt.  I have given up waiting, but still check back every couple of months to see if it is released .  Here are the projected release dates for version 6 from developer posts.

    May 2019 “soon”
    June 2019 “very soon”
    July 2019 “ soon”
    September 2019 “soon”
    October 2019 “1-2 weeks”

    Again, I am not trying to troll, or be purposely negative, I would just hope that release dates aren’t given until they are realistic. 
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    edited April 2020
    We realize it's been postponed a lot and greatly apologize to everyone about the delays. There were fundamental improvements we wanted to make that cropped up along the way, especially late last year, that have made a compelling case for postponing it. All of these improvements and missing features were designed in such a way that the existing workflow is unchanged, while making the existing UI more intuitive, customizable, and responsive. However, we will go ahead and release it preemptively by the end of the month even if not all of them are fixed. 
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    please!  Or the beta will expire, again.  Really need to kept working right now.  Please release it
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    When it is released at the end of April (May now upon us), where will we be able to get it, or will we be notified of its release...?
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    edited May 2020
    Some major bugs still need to be fixed, so please bear with us for another week or at most two weeks. Once it's done it will be submitted for immediate release on the App Store since the release notes and everything else are already prepared.  
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    Take what time it takes to produce a good stable update release no sense in hurrying and having a buggy release.
    OSX El Capitan Ver 10.11.6
    IOS 13.4 iPad Pro 4th gen.
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    Obviously, everyone here would like to have a polished and stable release of SP6, but could you at least give us a realistic release date? Also, will SP6 feature mouse support? 

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    Hello? Anybody home? Mr Support Man, where are you? 
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