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‘Skipping’ when exporting a file

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Hi everyone.

First if all, absolutely love Symphony Pro 5. The instrument sounds are great and I find it much easier to use than the other software I’ve tried, it’s just what I need for creating music, as alas I have no proper music reading/writing / playing skills!

I’m using it to create backing tracks for songs for plays I’m writing and hopefully schools will use when this virus has ceased and the world hopefully returns to normal.

I’m having trouble exporting the files, as the music skips/jumps slightly occasionally,  sounding like when a CD is scratched, hope you know what I mean.

Is there anything I can do to get the music to export without these jumps? Obviously nobody can use them as backing tracks if the music jumps. I use it on an iPad.

Other than this, this is the best software I have found and really want to use it for backing tracks, as it suits me perfectly.

Thanks in advance, hope everyone is safe and well.



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    edited March 2020
    Thanks for your feedback. The audio skipping was a major flaw in v5 and earlier that has been an important part of the improvements for v6. It will be a free update, as always, and available on the App Store soon.
    At the moment, we'd appreciate any example of the project(s) affected by the skipping to help us improve it further, sent to support@symphonypro.net. We'll also send an install link to the pre-release of v6 in return.
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    Thanks for your reply, I’ve set up a sample clip and emailed it, the skips occur at 15 & 19 seconds.

    Thanks, Steve
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