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Chord symbols not transposing

Hi Philip. Thrilled to see you’re almost ready to release 6.o.  When you around to it, when you copy something with chord changes to a transposing instrument, the chords do not transpose. The notes do.  Thanks and stay safe!


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    hey i have the same problem ! Who can help? 
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    edited February 2021
    Sorry about this issue. Two options that might (but not in all cases) work around this difficulty are the following:

    1. Instead of copying chord symbols via a rectangle Selection Area (and pasting them via the 'Paste Symbols' option > 'Chord Symbol Paste Wizard'), copy and paste the entire bar (across all voices/layers) via the Region Selection Area (https://symphonypro.net/manual#b'cut-and-copy'). When pasting this way, also make sure to turn off concert pitch.

    2. You can otherwise transpose chord symbols manually. open Measure Dialog on the bar(s) containing the chord symbols that are not transposed properly. Then choose Time/Key > Transpose Special. However, this will currently transpose both notes and chord symbols, so an option will be available in the future to transpose chord symbols only. One workaround here (to transpose only chord symbols) is by pasting the chords to an empty space, then applying this option.

    Bugs will also be fixed involving these options in the next update (6.0.9).
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