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Guitar tab bug

It’s been several months since the ability to enter notes in the guitar tab past the 13th fret was removed (the horizontal scroll bar disappeared). When will this be fixed. It was reported when that happened via email but my request was ignored.


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    edited March 2020
    Sorry about the issue. A 2-finger scroll gesture is now needed to adjust the fretboard scroll position but v6 will allow you to revert back to the scrollbar.
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    The tab/13th fret issue is rather annoying indeed. Also, I can‘t find a working two-finger gesture to fix this, i.e. tabs are limited to a thirteen-fret fretboard. Could you please elaborate on the gesture you‘ve mentioned?
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    To scroll the fretboard in v5 currently, you have to use two fingers directly on the fretboard, then scroll horizontally. Let us know if you're still having trouble.
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    Thanks for your reply. Yes, I‘m still having trouble, it just won‘t work. The two-finger scroll is not recognised, all it does is that it inputs all the notes that I touch on the fretboard.
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    edited June 2020
    Sorry about this. You are right, two finger scrolling doesn't work in the current version (5.4.64). As a result, please look for an invite to download 6.0 early via your registered email momentarily, which will provide a working installation. Anyone else experiencing this issue is also welcome to request access by sending a receipt of SP to support@symphonypro.net. 

    In 6.0 and later, you can scroll the Fretboard with the scrollbar by default, or turn on two finger scrolling by:
    1. Opening the Navigation Menu
    2. Choosing Editor Settings > Advanced App Settings
    3. Turning off Scrollbar for Fretboard
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    Oh thanks for the help and the invite, I‘ll be glad to test 6.0! As a professional music educator, I‘ve been using SP a lot lately, and I think it‘s a great application. Sourcing beta testers from the user community is a sound idea, and will surely help making SP even better.
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