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Upper and lower staves merged together

I am entering notes and lyrics into a composition that has a staff for the treble clef and a staff for the bass clef. Measures 79-83 don’t display properly. The upper and lower staves are brought close together so that the bottom two lines of one overlap with top two lines of the other. The notes are displayed on top of each other, but the lyrics from the upper staff line up almost exactly with those from the lower staff. The content is still there, but it’s undecipherable. (See screen shot linked to in this message.)

The problem covers only these five measures, which equal one line on my screen. I tried increasing and reducing the scale of the staff in the display settings, but the problem did not go away. When there were more measures in the line, the new ones were also merged this way. When there were fewer measures in a line, any measure that shared a line with one of the problem measures took on those characteristics as well.

Any suggestions for resolving this problem would be most appreciated. Thank you.


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    Don’t see my screen shot. Here is the URL:

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    edited March 2020
    We will fix this bug that this shouldn't happen. Until then, you can manually fix the overlap by tapping the top-left corner of the bar that overlaps. An example of where to tap is shown at the center of the red square, at the top-most ledger line of a staff:
    After a precise tap at any such corner, a blue rectangle will appear. Tapping it again, then choosing Reset Stave Spacing, will fix the overlap for you. Alternatively, you can move the handle downwards.
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    Worked perfectly on the first try! Thanks
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