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Lyrics in PDF

Hi there - I’m rather new to SymphonyPro. I have version 5 and am using it on my iPad. I’ve just exported my first project to PDF, and it looks great. But the lyrics aren’t appearing. How do I get my lyrics to be part of the exported PDF file?


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    This was a major bug that was fixed for the next update, which will be a major revision (6.0) and available for free as a normal update as always. It's not far from being released, but you are welcome to email us for an early access install link to 6.0. 
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    In v5 (and earlier), it is also necessary to turn off dark mode under Home Screen > Settings since this will cause most if not all lyrics to be invisible. This issue has been fixed for v6.
  • Having the same problem, losing lyrics in pdf version - please can I have access to version 6 to fix this. Thanks
  • @davidlamper
    No problem. We sent you an email and expect a receipt first in order to receive the install link.
  • There is still an active problem with the lyrics appearing in files I email.  Some of the lyrics appear, but not all of them, even on the same page.  Many times, the middle pages of my songs will have no lyrics appearing, but the beginning and end pages will have lyrics.  How can I fix this?
  • @Songwarrior53
    Sorry to hear that. This is a recognized issue that will be fixed in 6.0. In 5.0, it can be usually resolved by turning off Dark Mode (iOS 13 and later), but let us know if it doesn't work. We would appreciate your device and version info as instructed here and/or a copy of your project sent to us via email in that case.
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