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Lyrics in PDF

Hi there - I’m rather new to SymphonyPro. I have version 5 and am using it on my iPad. I’ve just exported my first project to PDF, and it looks great. But the lyrics aren’t appearing. How do I get my lyrics to be part of the exported PDF file?


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    This was a major bug that was fixed for the next update, which will be a major revision (6.0) and available for free as a normal update as always. It's not far from being released, but you are welcome to email us for an early access install link to 6.0. 
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    In v5 (and earlier), it is also necessary to turn off dark mode under Home Screen > Settings since this will cause most if not all lyrics to be invisible. This issue has been fixed for v6.
  • Having the same problem, losing lyrics in pdf version - please can I have access to version 6 to fix this. Thanks
  • @davidlamper
    No problem. We sent you an email and expect a receipt first in order to receive the install link.
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