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Swiss Snare Drum Notation

Hello there, I’m brand new to this app and my primary focus for now is writing out drum parts for my Scottish snare drum students. We use Swiss snare drum notation in Scottish drumming, which means instead of writing everything out on a single line and then writing the sticking above the notes, we just write with the right hand above the line and the left hand below the line. Makes it easier and less clunky once you get used to reading it. 

Is there a way to notate above and below the line when using the snare drum staff?

Thanks for your help in advance!


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    edited March 2020
    You can definitely notate this arrangement as follows:
    1. Open the Measure Dialog on the first bar (via two-finger tap gesture)
    2. Choose Clef at the bottom
    3. Choose the unpitched percussion clef icon (i.e. the neutral clef with a single line)
    4. You can then write the right handed upward stems into V1 (for voice 1), which is selected by default 
    5. By default, choosing 'V2' tells the program that you are entering notes of the 2nd, lower voice into the same staff. You can switch to V2 by tapping the V1 icon in the Navigation Bar. After doing so, any notes you enter will be below the notes you entered in step 4.

    We hope this was what you were looking for. Please email us at support@symphonypro.net if you had a different example in mind.
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