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I'm limited to only 2 beats in the 1st measure of a 4/4 piece

I've composed maybe a page of piano music recently.  I gave up SP5 in frustration maybe 7 months back when a measure I'd carefully constructed was totally rearranged when I tapped to the next measure.  

So fast forward to  Right off the bat, I'm limited to one 2 beats in my first measure.  Apparently I'm somehow in a pick-up beats mode.now.    All I want to do is be able to notate piano music - don't need interpretation marks and such. So I'm trying the app again now.  I've created a grand staff (bass and treble cleffs)  and started to notate my little piece. 

Have there been any new developments to make piano composition more user friendly.  I believe that there should be a "non-playback graphics only"  mode allowing me to make a messy score allowing my individual quirky needs. I believe this is needed. People can make proper ensemble or choral parts later.  But composing at the piano can be messy.  I want the benefits of  Cut, Copy and Paste.

Pardon my ranting. 


  • What I'm really asking for is a stripped down app for just notating piano music. Dead simple graphics.

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