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Playback Caret Position


Brand new to Symphony Pro 5. Looked, but don't see anything in the docs or forum.

Using iPad Pro iOS 13.3.

It seems the playback caret (the red vertical bar) is about a half-measure ahead of what I'm hearing. I tap play, the caret starts moving, but I don't hear anything until the caret has moved a little over half a measure.

Is this a known issue or is there some way to adjust?



  • @Dofamedo
    Thanks for pointing out the regression. We'll try to resolve this discrepancy by default. Customizations to playback cursor animations will arrive in the 6.0 update that may still be helpful, and will be available soon under Playback Options > Metronome/Playhead.
  • Thanks @Support.

    Looks like you may be familiar with this issue, but please let me know if you need more information. For example, this was happening yesterday when I was writing the score, but I played it just now and the cursor was spot-on. So it appears intermittent. I can keep an eye on things and let you know if you think that would be useful.

  • @Dofamedo
    A sample project (sent to [email protected]) would definitely be appreciated and most helpful if you encounter it again, as well as which measure/part # you're noticing it (if occurring consistently). 
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