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I have a piece that I'm trying to enter that has several instances of ten-tuplets...Ten 32nd notes indicated, taking the time of 1 quarter note in 4/4 time.
I the max tuplet I can find is 8.  Is there a way to do this in SP5?  if not, how about SP6 whenever it might be coming out.
Thanks in advance!


  • edited January 2020
    You can specify a custom tuplet fraction on an existing musical phrase as described in our answer here, as well as in the manual entry. It's also important to mention that in order for the Tuplet.. context item to appear properly, you have to select all 10 of the notes without skipping over any. 

    To have it display the full fraction, you can select any of the notes in the tuplet and choose the Edit menu item. From the popover menu, choose Customize > Show as Ratio.

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