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Slurs moving when dynamics added

When I add a dynamic notation (p, mf, etc.) to a slurred note, the slur moves so that it starts below the dynamic marking, instead of the dynamic showing up below the slur. When I then try to move the slur so it starts just below the note, it sometimes moves like I want it to do, but sometimes it refuses to move. How do I get the slurs to stay where they were originally (just below the notes) when adding dynamics? This problem doesn’t occur when the slurs are above the notes, only when they are below. 


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    this was fixed in the upcoming update (6.0), so we hope you will look forward to it when it's available on the App Store very soon.
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    Hi, will the similar, related issue of slurs repositioning themselves even after being edited. I'm not sure what 'lock' does but it doesn't seem to fix the slur as edited.
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    Yes that issue will be resolved 6.0. If you'd like an early access copy you can email us with your receipt of SP.
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    Yes, I also have this issue! I would be so thrilled if slurs would stay where I put them in an upcoming update! Thank you! At the moment it is impossible to notate articulation patterns. 
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