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I am hoping an administrator is reading this too.  On my iPad Air 2 with latest iOS software I have been having problems putting in lyrics.  Almost immediately a message comes up saying an error has occurred and to tell administrator.  I have contacted by email about a number of things and have had no reply.  I did get one administrator replying in the forum but I don’t think I have had any replies to my sent emails.  Most, if not all have had no response.

I find when putting in lyrics the cursor jumps out back to notes.  Sometimes it jumps from one layer of lyrics to another.  I have had various difficulties all of which can make it a slow process.  I am told this is being fixed.  I was told on here by the administrator to write and get access to the beta version.  I wrote but got no response.

Can I have some information about when the new programme is coming out or any present help you can give.  This is on the whole a very good programme for its cost but these are a few of my concerns.


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    Sorry about these inconveniences and for not receiving a response about them. Fortunately, the lyric input bugs you mentioned have been fixed for the upcoming version 6 release, and we'll send you an invite to your registered email momentarily. 
  • Hi

    i didn’t receive any email

  • Hi

    sorry.  I did receive the email.  The problem was it went to my junk mail.  Thank you for your help.  I note it says it will expire in 50 days yet it is replacing my previous Pro 5.  Can you advise?
  • Hi

    i have loaded the beta version which in many ways is better.  However, since it has modified all my files I have a problem.  While most have modified correctly with an extended hyphen some have modified by becoming multiple hyphens going beyond where they ought to go into the next word space.

  • @JohnArran
    Thanks for letting us know. We got back to you over email and will follow-up again with you there.
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