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Midi Export Missing Key Features


I'm new to using Symphony Pro and I'm really enjoying the experience.  It's nice to be able to use my iPad instead of my cumbersome laptop and I'm finding editing to be faster than using MuseScore.  The problem I have is that I use notation software to create accompaniments for choir rehearsal when I don't have someone to play piano for me.  I typically export the midi file, import to GarageBand and use Sforzando and a purchased soundfont to create a higher quality accompaniment.  When I export a midi file from Musescore it includes all tempos, dynamic changes and articulations.  I'm finding that Symphony Pro does not.  Am I missing something that can enable this?  If not, is this a planned addition in the upcoming version!  Thanks for your help.



  • edited November 2019
    Thanks for your feedback. We've included this on the to-do list for an upcoming update (6.1). For now, we recommend MusicXML to export the score to a desktop notation software that then supports the MIDI export of these notations. The next update (6.0) will also support MIDI rendering via MIDI-out to another DAW app on your iOS device.
  • Thank you for the response and I'm happy to see that it will be included in a future release.  It's nice to see that the Devs are taking and implementing requests.  Will you be providing a how-to for using a DAW app?  I'm new to that whole thing.
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