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Deceptive advertising

I am extremely dissatisfied with this app, and Apple will not give me a refund. You advertise that the app is $15, but then you basically force anyone who is using this who doesn’t want to spend triple the time adding the note to pay $15 more just to get the right to have the cursor move with you. You should advertise your app for how much it really is to get a working program. I am so disappointed with this.... no other music writing app I have had has ever had this petty feature to rope you into spending more money. Typing doesn’t stop for every letter and then you have to click to progress the cursor, so why should music? I want a refund for this product. 


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    edited January 2021
    Sorry to hear about that. We did our best to make it clear that certain features require an upgrade, namely the Handwriting feature as described. We will be updating our advertising so that no one overlooks that there's an In-App Purchase for some but not all special features. Also, we currently don't plan to charge customers extra money for new features in v6, instead making payment optional and donation-based only. This makes Handwriting the only paid featureset.

    That said, the app charges $15 for Handwriting recognition of notation. This upgrade will include the upcoming Annotations and Chord Symbol recognition features via handwriting without charging you extra.

    Everything else should have been available out of the box, so we'd like to know what actions you took that led to SP asking for $15 to make full/reliable use of the cursor. We'd also appreciate details about the nature of the "typing not stopping for every letter" issue in context (such as further detail regarding what you expected the app to do versus what the app actually did).

    Finally, you should be aware that refunds are granted without hassle by Apple iTunes. You don't have to ask us for approval of the refund, and it is sufficient to cite SP not meeting your expectations, and if you wish, you may also cite to Apple our "automatic" approval of refunds in the event of this condition. Instructions on how to receive a refund are outlined as follows, by virtue of which SP and its In-App Purchases are made risk-free:

    - Full refunds are rendered without hassle and within a few business days, if SP and/or the Handwriting IAP are unsatisfactory. The return process for either purchase must take place entirely through the App Store on your iOS device (or iTunes on your computer), as they are the entity that processes all payments. Precise instructions are available at: https://www.imore.com/how-to-get-refund-itunes-app-store. We fully and automatically approve of customers' refund requests if the app and/or IAP doesn't meet expectations, or if a purchase was made accidentally. It's typically not necessary to include more than a short sentence to Apple when writing your reason for the request.
    - If a refund doesn't go through after a few business days or in the unlikely event the request is unsuccessful, please email us at support@symphonypro.net along with your receipt of SP from Apple.

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