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Version 6 release?

When will be version 6 ready?


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    Will copy/paste with TIME SIGNATURE support be included in V6? It's THAT reason alone that I keep using Sibelius (and now Dorico).   If copy/paste would include TIME SIGNATURE, I could be using Symphony Pro for many of my projects. 
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    A new option (Paste Special > Paste Copied Bars will allow you to do that in version 6. It will be available soon.
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    And it works in V6 Beta! Thank you!
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    Just wondering if I am missing something. I want to paste a bar of drum music to 30 bars, is there a quick way?
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    edited April 2020
    Yes. The Cut/Copy/Paste tool (Region Select) is the way to go about this:
    - In Select mode, long press at the start of the drum music to bring up this selection area. (You can also tap on a note, then choose "Select Region" to do this more quickly in certain cases)
    - Drag the bottom right handle to the last measure (30th) you want to copy (note: you can continue dragging it to the edge of the screen, and the editor will scroll automatically in that direction)
    - Choose Copy to copy the selection to the clipboard
    - Long-press the score location where the pasted notes should begin, then choose Paste
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