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Symphony Pro 5 for ipad. I need soprano C clef. I am doing Bach Chorale and I need it.

I am sure it’s not hard for the tech team to add the soprano C clef. I recently purchased this app for this particular purpose and I would be disappointed if the soprano does not make it in Symphony Pro family. 

Thank you


  • @MrBoat
    We'll definitely add these extra clefs in 6.0 or 6.0.1.
  • Right!! Glad to hear. When will 6.0.1 be launched? Do I have to pay extra?
  • edited November 2019
    Updates are always free, and that includes the refinement of existing features, improvements to the reliability of the app, and generally anything except paid content or features that are entirely new. If we ever introduce features or content that is paid, it will be in the form of In-App Purchases and not "upgrade fees" or a separate app. Furthermore, we plan to fund the development of new features via donations/tips anyway, so in general, new features in the future won't cost you extra.
  • Sorry for blanket message, when will the new version be launched, I need roughly the month?
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