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Symphony for iPhone, newest iOS.(iPhone S.E.)

I'm unable to open up any form of new project or template except for the ukelele tab with staff. After figuring out how to make custom templates, I was able to make an empty project template, but I'm still unable to save my scores. I've tried saving as .sym and musicXML, and even clicking the "save" option, but after returning to the home menu, no scores are in the quick access and the app can't read the saved files in iCloud. I love the notation software, it's just that I can't do these basic tasks and it's wrecking the app for me.


  • P.S. when I try to open a .sym, musicXML or midi file, I get the error message "Internal error, error importing with code=2-1", and every time I try to open the file again, the second number increases by one. Please help.
  • @Waboey08
    Sorry about the issue. An update to support iPhone SE is on the way.
  • edited October 2019
    Thanks, that's great!👍 The app is still the best for offline music notation, so keep it up!
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