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Problem Symphony Pro 5 (PDF export/iOS 13 related, update arriving soon)

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Πληκτρολογήσafter the last update i have a problem trying to export to pdf with track titles Could you help Me ...... I attach the photo to you


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    These artifacts are related to iOS 13 and have been fixed for the next release. A compatibility update should be out in a few weeks. However, you and anyone else experiencing the issue may request the early access of the v6 update by emailing [email protected] with your receipt of SP.  Until an update is available, iOS 13 isn't recommended if these artifacts are to be avoided.
  • I'm facing the same issue on an iPad with iPadOs 13 already installed. Can you please advise when the update is coming?
  • Desperately need that update... I have a self imposed publishing deadline. I still can’t export without my titles having a “shadow,” even after the iOS bug fix. Please advise.
  • My app won’t open at all and I no longer see the app in the iOS App Store. I have three projects that have a strict deadline. Is there anything that can be done?
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    There was a major issue with the update we submitted yesterday (5.2.10) so a new one will take its place within the next day (5.2.11). Thanks for your understanding.

    The text artifact issue should finally be fixed in the 5.2.11 update that will be available shortly.
  • I have downloaded the latest Symphony Pro update as of October 22, 2019 at 2:30pm EDT. The app is still crashing on launch. My iPad is up to date as well. 
  • I am also still having the same text shadow issues, and now a new one... the app will not open. I can only enter it via the App Store. I’m running a brand new iPad, everything is up to date. 10/23/19, 2:53 EST.
  • Update: Good news...the text shadow issue is resolved...bad news, after it exports as a pdf, the app crashes to a black screen, and cannot be relaunched. Sometimes relaunches via the App Store. I am trying a reboot again after this post.
  • No luck... after reboot of iPad, the App will not launch. Black screen, then it returns to the home screen. It will no longer open from the page on the App storm any longer as well. 😔
  •  We are back in business! After reboot, it took a 2nd attempt to launch, but it did so. All systems seem to be fine.
    thank you for addressing the update quickly. 😎
  • Hello, I bought Symphony Pro 6, but I need a 10 line sheet music for violin only and no other. Do you have such a sheet of music that I can import into the program? Thank you. Sincerely, Franz Pink

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