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Pairing Wacom Sketch

Hi, I’m new to Symphony Pro 5. I need to pair my Wacom Sketch, but the manual procedure seems not working.
I bought the handwriting feature as in-app-purchase, then I tried a Long-press on the Handwriting tool icon, but the “Configure 3rd Party Stylus” from the menu items don’t appear. Other item rated to Handwriting feature appears but not the one for configure a new stylus.
App remove & re-install didn’t have any effect.
Someone can help me?

Thank you!


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    This feature will be available in the upcoming update (6.0). Unlike what the manual states, it's not available in version 5 - sorry about that. 

    For now, you can still pair the stylus by returning to the Home Screen and opening Settings > Bluetooth as covered here. As with any device under that menu, make sure that your device is discoverable and tap on the device's name after it appears to pair it manually.
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