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Hi! I'm new to symphony pro, and i'm really loving it. Just wondering about the editing features. I mainly write notes using the on screen piano in real time. Symphony pro will usually transcribe a measure using many tied notes, rather than a longer note. Is there a way of simply combining the tied notes? Or do  I need to manually change the timing of the first note and the delete the extra notes in the measure?


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    Hi everyone. Trying to better explain myself. I teach beginner piano students, and I'd like to write notes in the simplest form possible. I just tried recording a measure using the on screen piano, and SP wrote a sixteenth note, then another siteenth note tied to an eighth note, then tied to a dotted eight note, then tied to another sixteenth. Had i written it myself, I would've written a sixteenth note, then a dotted eigth note tied to a quarter note.
    Does anyone know if i can change a setting in SP so that it avoids unnecessary ties when recording?
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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. The notes were split into ties mostly because by default, the following setting (Split Notes Across Beats) is enabled. You can disable it by opening Navigation Menu > Playback > MIDI/Recording Options, then turning off the highlighted option:

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