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6 String Bass / Creating Instrument / Alternative tuning

Dear all, I have recently installed SP5 and I am a 6 string bassist. I would like to see how could I write my music for this instrument. Any ideas what to do to use this app to compose music for a 6 string instrument tuned as a 6 string bass? I’ve been exploring but have had no luck. Any ideas welcome

Thank you!


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    @thewildest Until this is covered in our manual, our answer here goes over how to configure a tablature part with custom tuning. This allows you to:
    - Start a new project from the Templates menu (make sure to choose either Bass Tab or Guitar Tab with Staff)
    - After creating a project of this type, it then describes how to specify any tuning and number of strings from that project.

    If you need any clarification, however, please feel free to ask below.

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    Thank you very much!!!
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