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“Repeat Prior Measure”, symbol

Hi musical friends.  My name is Dan and I’m new here.  Just finally getting into my Symphony Pro 5 app.
Question:  Does anyone know how to create the symbol for repeating the prior measure (ie the symbol that looks like a tilted division sign (more or less).  Anyone?  Thnx!


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    edited September 2019
    These notations (namely simile and double-simile) are available from the noteheads expandable button as illustrated below:

    - As with other toolbar items, activating it in Pencil mode will allow you to add notes with the respective property. In this case, the note will be reformatted into a simile whole note and will play back its repeat sign.

    - In Select mode, activating the simile icon on a selected note, or any notes under the Input Cursor, will apply it to those notes (like with any other icon). The notes will be properly reformatted as long as the similes are one to a measure (or one to every other measure with the double-simile).

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