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Export Music XML to Newzik looses textboxes


it seems like exporting a SP file (in Music XML format) to Newzik looses all textboxes. annotations like forte, piano & variants are kept though. 
Export import is done through icloud. 

Please advice/solve,
Kind regards,


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    correction: forte, piano etc.... is shown, however textboxes, coda signs, 'crescendo', etc.. are lost. Also crescendo hairpins that cover multiple measures are not shown correctly in Newzik. 

    concerning the text boxes: verification of the exported Music XML learns me that <direction-type><words ...></direction-type> are missing from the SP export files. did not investigate other parts of the xml file
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    The next update (6.0) will include the exporting of text boxes and a variety of other elements. 
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    any news on update 6.0 (availability / date)? We have a concert in some weeks, and i really need my parts with annotation functionality for the rehearsals. Using SP for this is currently not possible due to missing feature of annotations, exporting MusicXML to Newzik is not ok since i loose all textboxes. 
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