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septuplets not showing properly


In some pieces, i need to add a septuplet. However, this is not shown correctly and PS handles the last 3 notes always as an overflow. 
Example: Score with time 4/4. One time would be represented by a 7 1/16th notes. However, when i add this, the notation '7:6' pops up and the 3 last notes are considered as an overflow error. Can i use a normel septuplet that does not cause overflow ? 

Thanks in advance for your hints,


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    Sorry about the issue. It seems to be resolved in the preview build of v6, but we'd appreciate an example project (and/or screen capture) demonstrating the issue sent to our email. This would be very important to ensure the bug gets fixed.
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    dear, no problem. Happy it will be solved. 
    See your email for the requested data
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    additional note: when copying measures (including such septuplets) to repeat them a bit later, the pasted measures are 'off', and will not show the same. Part of my septuplet (the ones showing in red in the original measure), will be moved to the next measure
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