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group rests in separate groups


i play (flute) together with other players (clarinet, saxophone, trombone, trumpet, ...). Sometimes a long break for me needs to be split up in separate groups, since each group represents a specific part of the play (and has different annotations,e.g.  . When i would loose count of my rests, these visual groups on my score help me as each group start is hearable by a melody change or other audible aids. 
Currently, i can only have multi-bar rests on or off, but cannot make groups in these. It would be helpful to be able to use such a functionality, so i can define a group of e.g. 5 rests followed by a group of 7 bar rests. 
Is this feature available, and if not, would it be possible to add it ?

Thanks in advance,


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    It's certainly possible to notate this. Normally a single whole rest is selected (as described under option 1 here) to indicate a flexible-length multi-rest. However, you can also set a fixed-length multi-rest as follows: 

    - In Select mode, select multiple consecutive whole rests, then
    - Choose the "Multi-Bar Rest" menu item. This menu item is context sensitive depending on whether only one or multiple whole rests are selected. In this case, it will specify a multi-rest whose duration is exactly the above number of whole rests/bars.
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    thanks, your advice was helpful. It seems like the music xml export & import in Newzik looses this grouping, as Newzik seems to group rests automatically. I'll write to them too; but i guess your XML export should also show this grouping by using the element 'multiple-rest', see https://usermanuals.musicxml.com/MusicXML/Content/EL-MusicXML-multiple-rest.htm
    the current xml exported from SP contains individual measures. 
    Not a music XML specialist though, so i could be wrong
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    edited September 2019
    Thanks for your recent suggestions. They will be worked on for one of the upcoming releases and for version 6.
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