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Hiding part of staves / empty measures...


I'm a total novice with that Symphony Pro 5, but I've writed with Mac & Encore & Finale about 25 years already.

Can I get to hiding the some staves (empty or rest measures)... I would like to do notation with 2 Staves in first row and then following only one Bass Clef Staff?

PS. I'm sorry about my English...


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    Great questions:
    - If you want to hide consecutive, empty bars, the multi-bar rests feature allows you to write them as a single rest.
    - Hiding or changing the number of staves "in the middle of the score" isn't possible yet, but is being worked on for v6. However, you can hide parts globally, as instructed here, from the Instruments menu. This will change which parts are visible throughout the entire score.
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