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Jazz Fonts for Chords

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i need to use jazz font for my scores, can i switch the default font? can i use other fonts from external third parts?  i need to use fonts like jazz real book or pataluma !! thx


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    This is a feature we’re still working on but will try to have available sooner. Until then, exporting your project as a MusicXML file to another program that can display this font (or custom typefaces) will be your best option.

    For jazz and other fonts for chord notation, there are a number of customizable fonts and styles that are already available however. To change the font of chord symbols, you are able to do the following:

    - Select a chord symbol and tap on it again to bring up the available context menus for this expression.
    - Choose the "Typeface.." menu item.
    - A popover menu of available fonts will appear. The fonts will be available as graphical items that you can tap on to apply.
    - Dismissing this menu with a different font or font style will apply it to all of the project's chord symbols.
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     I also support the request for jazz sources.
     And chord writing with apple pencil.
     I wait for the next update.
     Thank you
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    We'll do our best to have this feature available in 6.0.
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    Yes, please, jazz fonts  would be gerat! Also the clef symbols like in Notion..
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