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Multiple “scores” on a single document

im trying to see if there’s a way to have multiple scores on a single document. Basically, I’m trying to do a bunch of one-line warmups on a single document and am trying to see if there’s a way to do so. 



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    edited July 2019
    This is an excellent suggestion that is being worked on further. For now, keep in mind that you can create new Movements within a given score. This will restart bar numbering and a create a line break where the movement begins. This will also add placeholder titles that you can edit after dismissing the Measure Dialog. 

    To create a new movement:
    - Open the Measure Dialog on the bar where you'd like the current movement to end, then choose Bars at the bottom.
    - Under the Barline heading, choose the ending barline icon to apply it to the current bar.
    - You will be prompted with an option of whether this action should also define a new movement at the next bar. Make sure to choose yes for this option.

    The new inter-score or movement title will appear as a section you can jump to from the Navigation Ruler as well (as illustrated below). 

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    This is a very useful function. Is there a way to name the movement other than using a text box?
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    Currently there’s only one way to name a movement, and that is by highlighting the placeholder title and choosing the Edit menu item as illustrated: 

    We're otherwise glad it's useful. If you have feedback on how it can improve (including regarding bugs pertaining this feature), don't hesitate to share by emailing support@symphonypro.net.
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