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I was considering purchasing your app as it looks the best available for iPad Pro but I was wondering if you have any new versions being released in the near future?

I see that your app and social media pages were last updated in 2017 and I’m worried if I buy the current version with the new iPad OS just about to be released that it could break if no longer supported.



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    Version 6 is arriving soon with a lot in store in terms of features, reliability, as well as compatibility with new devices and iOS releases (including iPadOS). Provided your receipt of SP sent to our email, you will be welcome to test the early access via download code. It's almost ready for release and provides an optimized interface for the latest iPad Pro models as a matter of course. 

    Rest assured, there will be more frequent updates (after v6) instead of larger releases. The major reason for this is better meeting the pace of new iOS, iPadOS, iPad, and iPhone versions and models so that you won't have the above concern.
  • Thanks for the quick reply! Will v6 be a free upgrade for v5 owners? 
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    Yes. Also, aspects of future updates that improve compatibility or the reliability of existing features will continue to be free.
  • May I ask if you already have a tentative release date of the next version? 
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