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MusicXML: Symphony Pro 5 -> Logic Pro X

I’m really enjoying SP5 and have mainly been entering my classical style guitar music using the "Guitar Tab with Staff" template.
I enter all notes using the guitar UI.

I tried exporting one of these SP5 guitar scores as MusicXML and importing that file into Logic Pro X.

Here are some observations:

Both the staff and the tab were imported into LPX as a single MIDI track, however when viewed in the "Score" view, it showed both the staff and tab parts as they appear in SP5.

When I listened to the imported score, it was cacophonous. (rhythmically correct but with wrong notes)
When I removed the tab part in LPX, the remaining staff part was correct.
...so it was the tab part that was contributing the wrong notes.

I needed to transpose the score down an octave to sound right because guitar notation is written an octave higher than it sounds.

Repeats are apparently preserved because I can see them in the LPX Score view, however LPX apparently ignores them except for showing where they go, i.e. repeats are not performed. You would need to chop the track up and add any desired repeated sections.

There were a few extraneous notes and a few missing notes, but the biggest problem was the wrong notes in the tab.

One possible feature to consider for the future would be to have the option of exporting tablature as six individual tracks.
This would allow you to create a more guitaristic sounding track(s) on the importing DAW.
I know there are various ways to split the track into six tracks on the importing DAW but it would likely be more labor intensive.

Please keep up the good work! This app is really great in most regards.



  • edited June 2019
    That's definitely a clever suggestion that we'll consider. However, the standard XML tablature specification will be supported by the next update. Exporting to LPX should soon work in the seamless manner you originally expected.

    Please consider the opportunity to test this feature via the early access (of the v6 update) nonetheless. To receive an install link, you may forward your receipt of SP from Apple to [email protected] and reference this message in your subject line.
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