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Are you planning on implementing marching percussion (High tension Snare, Multitom, pitched bass drums) ? That would make it much more usable.

would be a start if you would combine the toms into one instrument (6 needed) and also the bass drums (also add pitches up to 6)


  • Also rimshots on snares and toms are desperately missed 
  • edited June 2019
    Thanks for the suggestions. We will follow-up to your registered email about possible improvements and features in this regard soon.
  • Hy, it’s been a while. 

    What’s the status on marching drums? It’s just 3 instruments. Come on! Do it!!!! 
  • Another way would be to have the ability to use softsynth files. 
  • So, any news on that? 
  • @Henne2k
    This is definitely an important part of our roadmap that will be included in one of the next updates. As such, don't hesitate to send an email if you're aware of resources that are potentially licensable, or if you have experience in this area. 
  • Hy. 

    Any news on this?  I wrote an email but got no answer yet. 
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