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How to solve a hidden note

I wrote a piece of music for my guitar.
I hope This picture sais it all.

can anybody give me a solution for the hidden notes?


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    edited June 2019
    It looks like your goal is to resolve colliding score objects (beams, dynamics, expressions, technical marks, etc) that obstruct the notes. Although we'll improve on automatic layout in this respect, the most direct solution to work around this issue would be the following:
    - Choosing Select mode is recommended, especially without Apple Pencil
    - Tap on the precise location of the beam (preferably either end of the beam), or on the text/symbol. The input location must be in closer proximity to the control point (or score element that you want to move out of the way) than any note
    - This will highlight either of these elements. In this way, you can drag anywhere near the highlighted element to reposition it easily if not outright. This is in the sense that without performing the above step, it will be difficult to reposition any colliding score element with a stylus, and won't be possible currently to reposition it without a stylus
    - To deselect any element, simply tap outside of it on a blank area of the score. However, the tap must be well outside of the selection for the above reasons. It's also possible to tap on a highlighted selection twice (or double-tap) to deselect
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