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Midi Out to iPad synths

i have a number of iPad synths and samplers that i want to use with iPad Symphony Pro. Can I set each stave to another synth running on my iPad?


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    @nedrob great suggestion. This is a feature planned for the next major update. However, if you have a receipt of your purchase of SP, you may forward that to support@symphonypro.net to test an early version of this feature.
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    edited May 2019
    I hope the endgame is to be able to assign an individual SAMPLE to any individual NOTE or SELECTION of NOTES on any given stave or voice.  There are limitations to the CoreAudio API, of course, but to make a notation app truly useful, powerful and a “must have” TODAY, it’s necessary to offer this IMHO.

    There are so many sounds and musical expressions that can not be represented by standard notation of pitches and produced by the current sound libraries.  We need an interface that makes it simple to select a note or range of notes and assign a sample from a sample library, be it SP’s library or from any of several 3rd party libraries, to that note or range of selected notes.  All other notes NOT selected will keep their assignments for the track or voice. 

    Support for AudioBus or inter-app audio would be awesome - and my understanding is that support is on the way.  I also think users of SP who want these features should be willing to offer high quality samples to the SP developers at no charge. There could be an SP forum where people can upload samples that will work in SP if they want to offer free samples they are willing to share. 

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    edited May 2019
    You can certainly count on customizable samples arriving sooner rather than later, in an update to v6. We hope to have your correspondence over email, however, about:
    – Whether AB will suffice for IAA or if you're looking for more flexible/expansive API support with AU (or any other platforms)
    – Which instrument sounds could be improved as built-in presets, which presets matter to you and which tend to be easier to find or create yourself
    – If you or anyone else if able to create sounds for us, keep in mind that offers for help are always appreciated and negotiable
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