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Difficulty moving the cursor to a specific place in a measure

1st off, let me mention I'm having better luck with emailing a PDF of the score. This latest emailed PDF arrived in my email  in just moments.  Some other email PDF's seemed to take more than a day to arrive.  Just an observation.

I discovered that the left/right  wedge pointers/icons  (I don't know the name)  under the Select/Handwriting designation icon seem to move the cursor forward and backward.   But in measure 4 in my PDF example (linked below) ,  I want to change the 1/8th note (A) to a 16th followed by a 1/16th Eb.  I was unable to get the cursor to move to an empty space to add the 1/16th Eb.  

Also the last  E (4th beat)  in the treble clef in the 1st measure --- I want to make that E and Eb.  When I'm writing chromatic music I prefer to specify each accidental/alteration rather depend on the convention. I'm having great difficulty changing it to an Eb.

Any advice ? Thanks.



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    By the way,   the tempo marking of 110 means nothing.  I play this slowly. 
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    edited May 2019
    @indigo_dave what you’ve noted here and in your other email definitely sounds like a bug that was resolved for the version 6 update, which is arriving soon. If you’d like to download the early access to this update and are willing to confirm whether or not it resolves the issue, you may email support@symphonypro.net with a brief reference to this message that you would like a download code.
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    Thanks.  I will probably do this.
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    I'm going to email for the download code you mentioned.  

    I should mention that I discovered handwriting with the Apple Pencil 2 works well in conjunction with the tool bar. If I go into handwriting mode AND I (pen) touch the pertinent value -  half note, quarter note, eighth note (whichever I want to write) and any other pertinent modifier -  such as a tie, of triplet designation .....then the handwriting function with Apple Pencil 2 works very nicely.  

    But I figure there are cases where the Selection tool will be preferable to handwriting.  So I'm going to make an effort to work to resolve the issues I reported.  I think SP5 has a lot of great potential.  
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    You will find improvements in the aspects of difficulty you initially brought up, so we're glad you're interested. We look forward to your continued feedback via TestFlight and to have your confirmation on the issues being resolved nonetheless.
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