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Trying to delete the notes on beat 1 of a measure - beats 2, 3 and 4 shift to the left

After deleting beat 1,  I wanted to re-enter the notes.  But I couldn't figure out how to insert  them. The cursor allowed me to position after the notes in the measure, but not before.   I used the function to email the PDF to myself.,.maybe it will arrive eventually. 

Have you guys considered creating a couple of 8-10 minute tutorial videos on YouTube ?  A picture is worth a thousand words sometimes.


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    I’ve been thinking a lot about video tutorials.  It’s very time consuming when you have limited resources, but they are insanely helpful.  I wonder if we as a community should set up a video channel where users can upload tutorials on very specific issues?  There would have to be some organization to it and maybe some parameters. I dunno, just a thought. 
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    edited May 2019
    Kpc......A move in a positive direction.  Let me mention that I watched a video "review" of SP5 on YouTube.  It was very rudimentary, but I watched the guy "lasso"  something he wanted to delete.  I had not realized how it worked until I saw his example.  The videos don't need to be professional or slick.  Maybe they could be unofficial rather than carrying the Symphony Pro brand.  People submit all sorts of  homemade how-to videos on YouTube that are helpful.  

    Right now I spend time on my iPad Pro trying to work with SP5 and failing.  How about "an ounce of knowledge is worth an hour of trial and failure" ?.  Sometimes on the palette (is it called that ?)  the "notes"  (whole note, half note, quarter note etc)  seem to turn to "rests" sometimes, seemingly randomly, without my intending to. Things like this waste a lot of time, and I don't know how to prevent them.  I'm actually very impressed with the handwriting function but  there's a lot of spinning my wheels trying to notate things.  
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    Off the top of my head, maybe a “How To...” category in this forum would be a good organizing tool.  The subject of the video and any related text can come up in a search and the creator provides a YouTube link to the video.  It might be better than searching YouTube.   

    It would be nice to have an SP channel, but I don’t think it’s possible for groups of people to post to one channel, so maybe organizing things using the forum would make sense?

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    Further, if we work within the forum framework, a discussion can ensue if necessary, on a particular tutorial.
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    Kpc said:
    Further, if we work within the forum framework, a discussion can ensue if necessary, on a particular tutorial.
    I had another thought.  If anyone here wanted to get together on Skype, or Zoom or one of the other video conferencing platforms to share knowledge....that could be a productive exercise.  I don't have much of an SP5 vocabulary yet.  I've mostly tried trial and error up to now. I've done some specific manual reading, mostly about voices -  V1, V2, V3, V4.  These will used, I think, a lot for notating piano music.  

    Anyway, these video conferencing technologies are free on a small scale. And aside from how to videos, they seem like a way to learn.  

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