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Hi I tried to access my Symphony Pro this morning to finish off a composition- which is due for my WJEC Composition section of my A Level qualification. I opened the app and discovered my 2 and a half minute composition was completely lost. I'm distraught obviously, I don't know what happened. Is there any way I can access the deleted file? Or even better, get the document back so I can finish working on it? If anyone could help me asap that would be amazing- im in serious trouble now.

Thank You


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    If you accidentally deleted a file, in general it's not possible to recover it, unless you have an earlier backup of your device that has a snapshot of your lost work. Some initial things to try:

    - The first recommendation, however, is to connect your device to your computer, then navigate to the Symphony Pro iTunes folder, as instructed here for any app folder that supports iTunes File Sharing. Within the list of documents, you should see a directory labeled project-backups. Export that entire directory to your Mac or PC using the Save button, open that directory, then import "revert-backup.sym" into SP and open it. This corresponds to the last opened project, so will only work if the lost file was the one that you previously had opened. 

    - If any of the files were uploaded to iCloud within SP, remember that you need an Internet connection to view and access them. Second, make sure iCloud Drive is enabled for SP and that you're logged into iCloud with the same account that originally uploaded the files.

    - These are official instructions on how to restore your device to a previous date, from either iCloud or iTunes (please check both places, and make sure that you choose a latest available timestamp, that nevertheless must correspond to a point when you made a snapshot of the project). We recommend attempting this step only after double checking that your project isn't hidden in a folder inside the SP documents directory. You can check by revisiting the file browser through iTunes File Sharing, which lists all local files and subdirectories under one menu.

    The above are only general suggestions. We hope to have your follow up about which of them was or wasn't helpful by emailing [email protected], where we can assist you reasonably quickly in further detail. 
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