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Preset Score Templates

Trying to decide which notation software to get.  Cut my teeth on Finale Print Music, but I am more interested in tablet/stylus option.  The key factor is whether there is a template for barbershop quartet.  Does anybody have a definitive answer for that?


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    The score template you requested isn't available yet as a preset, but will have to be included in the next iteration (v6).
    For now, keep in mind that you are able to define your own template. First create a new project and use the setup menu to define the instrumentation and other properties. After setting up the score details and dismissing the setup menu, a custom template as a blank facsimile of the score can be created: first open Navigation Menu > Instruments. At the bottom-right corner of Instruments menu, choose the export icon and enter the name of the template. It will then be available from the Templates menu after returning to the Projects window. 
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