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8th quarter in a triplet

I am new to Symphony Pro 5 and my first experience is frustrating. Maybe that's to be expected. But one thing that's not very complicated that I could not get to work was triplet 8th notes in which the 2nd & 3rd 8ths are actually a quarter note. Is there a way to do this?


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    There are several options in the scenario where a complete tuplet was automatically added as rests but a different rhythm is desired instead of three eighth notes. You will first want to place the triplet as eighth notes (and in general, the smallest note value that the tuplet will contain). Either of the following will then be available options:
    1. Without the On-Screen Piano and in Pencil mode, choose the quarter note from the palette. Then long-press or tap on an eighth rest with your stylus or finger. This will automatically replace the eighth note with a quarter note. Since the note value was modified, this will also remove or pad rests ahead of the input location so that the tuplet maintains its expected duration.
    2. Alternatively, with the On-Screen Piano and in Select mode, place the Input Cursor on the tuplet rest that you'd like to replace with a note of different duration, then choose the quarter note icon (in this case) from the palette. Doing so will likewise replace the rest with a note, change its duration accordingly, and remove or pad any extra rests in order to complete the tuplet.
    If you'd like clarification or assistance with anything else, please email [email protected] - we'd like to know your other difficulties, make any necessary improvements, and assist you in greater depth. 
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