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music fonts for chords

we are all used to seeing V6/4 in typing, such as this.

And obviously its an approximation to the properly typeset roman V (with header/footer bars), and a nicely formatted 6 and 4.

Can I add text to a score with symbols from some font for chords symbols that address this problem?

can one load external fonts into IOS/Symphony pro, assuming they exist?

Others MUST have seen this before (and solved it).


  • edited April 2019
    You can certainly change the font of chord symbols and lyrics, the latter of which can function as general text elements below notes for the time being. To make such customizations:
    – Switching to Select mode for this task is preferable to do first, especially without Apple Pencil or other stylus.
    – Tap on a text element of either type (chord or lyric). 
    – Choosing the Typeface (or Font) menu item will then open a context menu to modify the font. This will currently apply changes to all such elements within the score.
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