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Tuplet beams

Hi there,
like the product so far. Thanks.

I would like to create sextuplets but grouped in quavers, ie a primary beam over 6 with a sunbeam grouping of 3+3. Can’t see how to make this work. please help.


  • edited March 2019

    Subdividing beams of sixteenth notes or smaller note values normally works via the steps listed below, but hasn't worked with tuplets. This is an issue that will be resolved in the following update:
    1. Select the note at which a beaming subdivision should occur
    2. From the menu items, choose Edit to open the Note Properties Dialog
    3. Under Customize > Custom Beam Group, choose Subdivide Primary Beam (as highlighted below)

    Choosing the option from step 3 will produce a result similar to the 2nd screen capture, though we apologize it isn't working for tuplet beams in Version 5. If you're interested in testing the early access to the Version 6 update, you're welcome to participate by sending a brief message to [email protected]
  • Thanks for the information.
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