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Moving notes in time

Hi, I'm sorry, maybe this is a stupid question, but I really have problems moving notes in time.

For example, one bar to the right. Here's what I tried:
* select note and drag horizontally (no change)
* select notes, click select region, and drag horizontally (no change)
* switch to handwriting mode, insert an extra barline and a full rest, reflow (weird stuff happening, notes disappear, etc.)
* click on the bar, edit bar, add measure before, then click on the next bar, edit bar, remove measure after (works, but very tedious)
* cut notes and paste in the next bar (also very tedious)

Isn't there a straightforward way to move notes or a region horizontally, across bars or within a bar?

Best, Boris


  • I would like an easier way to do that as well.  In Sibelius, I either copy a section, or use option click to paste exactly on the beat where I’d like to move the music horizontally.  Then I delete the previous material.  

    I’m not sure what the best approach might be in SP, but  I too like the idea of selecting and dragging to a position.  In fact, I think we can do this in Logic Pro X.

    Somehow, the rhythmic position would have to be indicated during the drag and that might be based on resolution settings (ie, smallest rhythmic unit).  Would be perfect if the drag did automatic deletion of previous material and filled with rests. 

  • edited March 2019
    This feature will be kept in consideration. Alternatives for now include the following:

    1. To shift one or more notes forward in specific time units, choose the MIDI or Piano Icon (last expandable button in Notes Toolbar) and switch to Write mode (Pencil icon). Placing the Input Cursor immediately before the range of measures you'd like to shift, then entering a note or rest from the piano will move any phrases (i.e. consecutive notes/rests) forward by the exact note value chosen in the Notes Toolbar. A dialog box will then show to complete the shift. 

    2. The Reflow command does the opposite by combining notes into a consecutive phrase, but only in the context of incomplete bars. Select multiple notes in Select mode, then choose the right arrow (▶︎) or tap on any highlighted note. This opens a menu to MIDI transform a given note selection in various ways. The rest of how the Reflow command works is described here.

    3. Region Select (Cut/Copy/Paste) is probably going to be the most useful and general. First cut a range of notes you'd like to move elsewhere. This is performed by opening a Region Selection (long press in Select mode), adjusting it to cover the range, then choosing Cut since it's a reposition. Remaining steps are listed:

    - To specify where the notes should start, long press in Select mode again anywhere else in the score. Paste should appear as one of the menu items, since there are now one or more notes in the clipboard.
    - The key here is that you can specify the paste location ahead (to the right) of any existing note via long press. This means you can place or adjust rests before the paste location beforehand, so as to specify the amount of time units more precisely than any other mechanism.
    - After choosing Paste, the clipboard notes will be re-written to the measure(s) ahead of the paste location, and will follow the forward time signatures. Pasted notes will also overwrite any overlapping notes on the same voice.
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