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Audiobus - iSymphonic Orchestra

I’ve just spent a few minutes with iSymphonic Orchestra and am really impressed, particularly for the price.  It is an orchestral library that supports Audiobus.  I quickly set it up using GarageBand and it worked really well.  I believe Phil mentioned Symphony Pro will soon have support for Audiobus.  This will be fantastic!

iSymphonic Orchestra:


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    iSymphonic Orchestra works great as a plugin to Auria Pro as well. I can see a new workflow coming into view where I’m using Symphony Pro to write parts, and using iSymphonic Orchestra for additional samples.   Then send  the Symphony Pro composition either via export or via Audiobus into Auria Pro to lay in live tracks and to do additional mixing. 

    Auria Pro:
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    Hello! Are these apps compatible by now?

    I'm heavily considering buying an Ipad Pro, and one of the main reasons is Symphony Pro. I don't know anything about iOS apps, but I'd really love if there was a way to link/sync iSymphonic so that I can play what I write as I write it (instead of having to save&export the midi file every time).

    Are there other "orchestra sound simulators" out there that will work with Symphony Pro?
    Or any idea when these two mentioned apps will work together?
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    If it's AudioBus supported (via MIDI ports), the next update (6.0) arriving in a week or so will support the app in question. If you send your receipt of the app to our email, we'd gladly provide an early access release that'll allow you to preview this feature.
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