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How To Delete Treble Clef From Score

I only use bass clef and don’t want two staves. How do I delete the treble staff?


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    Sorry about the delay in returning to you due to the busy development schedule. A grand staff can be unlinked into separate staves/clefs as described in the Part/Instrument Groups section of the manual, but this is an important question to answer separately.

    1. Separate the bass from the treble clef:

    - Switch from Write to Select mode, if not chosen already.
    - Open the Region Select menu on the first bar of the grand staff. This is best done via long-press gesture on the bar.
    - Drag the bottom-right corner of the blue rectangle to select both staves, as illustrated:

    - Choose Remove Part Group (highlighted red).

    2. Next, if you want to delete the treble or bass clef:

    - Both clefs will now be listed as separate parts and instruments, but with the same instrument name.
    - From the Instruments menu, swipe left on the part corresponding to the clef you want to delete. Choose Delete to confirm.

  • I can‘t open the region select menu in an empty project as you do. I have to put some notes in first. 
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