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‘Circled’ string numbers in guitar notation

When adding a circled string number in guitar notation there are three issues.

Firstly, the circle is an odd rectangular kind of shape.

Secondly, it does not seem possible to define and string number and a fingering for the same note.

Thirdly, and most importantly, when exporting to pdf the circle disappears completely, leaving only the number.


  • I’m a classical guitar composer, too.  The current beta fixes the circled string number notation, but you still can’t place a circled string number, a left hand fingering (1,2,3,4), and a right hand fingering (p,i,m,a) all attached to a single note with discrete positioning for each attribute.  I believe this is coming in the next major update.  It is critical for guitar composition and arranging, for sure. 
  • Thanks. I’ll use a third party pdf editor for the final touches, hopefully the next update will be better.
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