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Hi...first of all, GREAT work on adding the ability to control bars per line into the beta!!!...one issue I find is, after adjusting the bars per line, the formatting seems off whereby there doesn't seem to be enough space between the last note in a bar and the barline for the next bar...this is especially noticeable if the last note in the bar happens to be tied to a note in the next bar.....

also, though it's awesome to be able to set the number of bars per line globally, is there anyway to allow the option to set a CUSTOM number of bars on a per-line basis in addition to a GLOBAL bars-per-line control?? this is especially useful for songs which have uneven numbers of bars in particular phrases...ie. maybe a 6-bar phrase after 2 8-bar phrases....this would let the user create a chart that still looks uniform...also, this might be useful where you have 1st and 2nd endings which end up having varying lengths of bars that don't all line up well when you force a global 8 bars per line or 4 bars per line

Thanks again for the great work!


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    Hi jazzman,

    Thanks for the feedback. There is definitely some room for better alignment with this feature, and we'll work on that.

    You can set varying bar-per-line rules by setting, for example, 5 bars per line for the 1st measure and 4 bars per line for the 6th measure. Let us know how this works.

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