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Tempo markings

Hello  - New user, sorry for the simple question.  I cannot find anywhere how you insert a tempo marking - Allegro vivace, Lento, etc...
Thanks in the advance for the help.


  • edited January 2019
    Tempo text indications can be specified by first entering a text box as instructed here: https://symphonypro.net/manual#b'textboxes'. In short:
    1. Open the Score Symbols Toolbar (i.e. the 2nd to last icon from the Notes Toolbar)
    2. Switch the toolbar's category to Text, by expanding the above icon and choosing the italicized A symbol
    3. The text box is available at the very right of this category's toolbar
    4. After adding a text box, the QWERTY keyboard will show, and you will immediately be able to type one of these common expressions to have a text element recognized (and formatted) accordingly. 
    Modifications to playback tempo, however, will be supported in the next update (for now, see metronome marks on how to apply this modification with a separate indication). 
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